Hi, I’m Willis Wilson and I thank you for visiting my blog! If you are a pet owner or are planning to own a pet then this is the right place for you. As the name goes this is my blog and it’s all about pets. I’m currently incubating 3 cats and 2 dogs. I love each and every one of them and I also cherish each moment I spent with them. The good thing is that my wife also likes pets and loves to have them around.

I have owned them for more than six years now and they are part of my home. There is not a single day that goes by when I don’t spend time with them. In fact, my favorite part of the day is spending time at home when all five of them are around me doing silly things.


So what’s this blog about beside pet gear?

If you’re looking for authentic information (and sure that’s what we all look for) then you are where you need to be. ThePetMag.com is all about expert reviews on pet gear, pet training guides, tips and basically everything you want to know about cats and dogs. I have more than 6 years of experience dealing with my five. But I’ll also share some other resources and reviews from the real users some of whom are my pet loving peers.

I have gone through a number of products and various other pet items. I have reviewed and rated different products based on my personal experience. From time to time, I’ll provide you with some useful information on how to train your pet and treat their various health concerns.

I only focus on the products that I use for my pets and I do spend a lot of time researching on them. I’m so obsessed with it that I decided to help others as well. It’s a small tribute to all the pet owners who I think are contributing a lot for the betterment of our communities in which we live.

In ThePetMag blog, we’ll also share some information on how to get some discounted offers from different products. This means that this bog is all about creating a win-win situation for the pet, and the owners. For me, I just want both these parties to be happy. After all, I’m a pet owner as well; I just want to share what I have learned with my experience. 

Why this blog when there are hundreds of others?

Yes, there are hundreds, probably thousands of other website and blogs present on the internet. But not all of them provide you accurate information. Some of the online review sites also get paid by the companies to review their products positively. They do so without testing the product and mislead their visitors.

On the contrary, ThePetMag.com is all about pet love. The people behind this blog are genuine kitty or poodle owners and they love them to death. Of course when you treat your pets like your own kids then you are not going to buy just any product for them. You will want to do proper research and then finalize your buying decisions. You set the value as your first priority and that’s what we do here as well.

Our primary objective is to advise you on how to live a healthy and happy life with your canine or feline friend. You won’t need a bunch of materials objects to do so. Just be patient, dedicated and playful with your pet.

What made me start this blog?

We all love to shop online and seek information using our phones and laptops. The ease of accessible information has made our lives a lot easier. However, not all the information available on the internet is reliable. I am telling you this thing from my six years of pet experience. Most of the sites provide information on products that is either misleading or inaccurate. And it’s not limited to the products or pet gear reviews. Some of the tips and advice for the pet owners is not useful either.

I have started this blog to provide the pet owners with easy to understand and reliable information on different pet gear and products and I and my peers have personally used. In addition to that, the word of advice that this blog has comes from the experienced pet owners who have dealt with various pets concerns effectively and have adequate solutions.