Top 15 Best Chew Toys for Dogs 2020

Have you ever wanted to get your four-legged furry bests friend the best toy ever? If you have, then you have taken a walk through the pet toy aisle at your local pet store or big chain carries everything store.

Did your eyes glaze over and you get an instant headache with all the selections? Do you feel so overwhelmed with the endless sea of dog toys that you inevitably grab the same old toy you have gotten in the past because you know your pup likes it?

We include our dogs in our family dynamics, and count them as a member of the family. This becomes evident in the size and amount of stores dedicated to our pets.

The choices for toys, food, and bedding are almost as massive as the selection for human children and sometimes cost as much.

Best Chew Toys for Dogs

People are spending more on their pets than ever before and pay for doggy day-care, pet sitters and in-home cameras that allow us to see and speak to our dogs while we are away.

If you have ever found yourself in this merry-go-round of purchasing toys for your pups check out the list of the top dog toys for 2020 below and let it help guide you to a new favorite toy for your favorite pup.

15 Best Chew Toys for Dogs 2020

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1. Chuckit Ball and Ball Launcher

Chuckit Ball and Ball Launcher Review

This is a combination sure to please any dog that finds the game of fetch to be a favorite. The ball is highly visible, and it floats, and the addition of the launcher gives you the ability to give your pup a long run. This is a great type of toy for dogs that need plenty of exercises.

2. Kong Classic Dog Toy

Rolf Club 3D Flea Collar Review

This classic solid rubber beast of a dog chew is always a favorite. You can increase your dogs interest with adding a treat inside and helps keep your pup chewing on his/her stuff and not yours. This is a perfect toy for pups who like to chew.

3. BoneBone Wishbone Chew

BoneBone Wishbone Chew Review

BoneBone Wishbone Chew is designed to help your dog hold on to this chew stick, and includes a real bacon flavor that lasts throughout the life of the toy. You may find that this type of chew toy works well for helping satisfy a dog’s natural need to chew.

4. Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell

Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell Review

Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell is for the chewer in the household. Available in multiple sizes and has a peanut butter flavor your pup will love. A tough chew toy that can satisfy even the biggest impulse to chew.

5. Nylabone Power Chew Femur Chew

Nylabone Power Chew Femur Chew Review

Nylabone Power Chew Femur Chew is a beef flavored alternative for big dogs. It won’t splinter like real bone but offers a comparable chew. This bone offers a different texture than similar bones and may keep your dogs interest.

6. BlueIsland 13” Bone Shaped

BlueIsland 13” Bone Shaped Review

BlueIsland 13” Bone Shaped is your pup a fan of tug of war? This toy will keep him happily tugging away. A tough rubber bone shaped tug toy, with a design to allow easy bite and hold access.

7. Kong Squeak Air Balls

Kong Squeak Air Balls Review

Kong Squeak Air Balls – available in multiple sizes to fit all dogs, and they love the squeak. Plus it’s Kong tough; even a tiny breed can chomp on a Kong squeak ball.

8. Berove Dog Toothbrush Chew

Berove Dog Toothbrush Chew Review

Berove Dog Toothbrush Chew is perfect for that pup that loves to chew and the rubber nubs help keep teeth clean. This chew serves a dual purpose and will help keep your pup’s mouth in tip-top

9. Multipet Duckworth Duck

Multipet Duckworth Duck Review

Does your pup love to tear up a stuffy? This one is built for pups, extra strong to resist tears for plenty of play Designed with the look of a stuffed animal but made of fabric that resists tearing.

10. Hyperflite K-9 Jaws Dod Disc

Hyperflite K-9 Jaws Dod Disc Review

Hyperflite K-9 Jaws Dod Disc – for that frisbee pup that can’t get enough of the flying discs, and is designed for your dog to be tougher than a standard frisbee. If your furry friend loves to soar after that elusive flying saucer, they will love the feel of this one.

11. Pet Flying Saucer

Pet Flying Saucer Review

Do you and your pup need a frisbee that floats? This one can handle that. Not only does it soar through the air it floats when it hits the water so your pup can fetch it anywhere.

12. Nerf Ball Blaster

Nerf Ball Blaster Review

If you need to help your pup to leg out a good run then this is a good choice for you both. No throwing motion involved, just load and shoot.

13. Hyper Pet Flying Series Slingshot

Hyper Pet Flying Series Slingshot Review

Hyper Pet Flying Series Slingshot is a fun-loving, interactive toy that will help create a fun game of chase. As you may have noticed from the name, this toy has a built-in slingshot to add some distance to its ability to fly.

14. Outward Hond Dog Treat Puzzle

Outward Hond Dog Treat Puzzle Review

This will provide fun for your pup and help reduce boredom for the times your pup in=s on their own. They have to find the treat by solving a puzzle. May provide just the interactive distraction your pet needs when home alone.

15. Tug Mutt Tugger

Rolf Club 3D Flea Collar Review

Tug Mutt Tugger is tough tug of war dog toy with bungee action for increased fun. Not only can your pup grab, hold, and tug this toy a bungee adds a new level of fun.

Things To Consider

When selecting any toy for your pup, you need to evaluate a few things.

Chew Toys for Dogs

  • The size of your pup.
  • The age of your K-9 companion.
  • The health of your dog.
  • How many pups you have.
  • What is there favorite thing to do?
  • Will they be playing with the toy unsupervised?
  • Is this an indoor or outdoor toy?
  • Do you need to be involved for your pet to play with the toy?

All of these things mentioned above should be taken into consideration when you are choosing a toy for your pet to play with.

Some of these go without saying; you don’t want to give a large dog a small toy he/she could swallow or choke on; both of these things could be devastating.

Others you might not have given a second thought about but maybe you should.

You don’t want only one toy if you have two dogs, this could lead to fighting or a dominance situation.

Things to Consider Before Buying Chew Toys for Dogs

Most toys are better used when supervised and not left with your pup when they are alone. Some toys can become worn and chewed allowing your pup to swallow them to get pieces stuck in their mouths.

Is this a toy for outdoor play? If so how much outdoor time will you have available to play with this toy with your pup? Would it be money better spent to purchase another type of toy?

What are their favorite things to do? If your dog is older and not a chaser, then you won’t want to get him /her a ball launcher or frisbee.

Knowing and understanding all of these variables will help you and your K-9 companion enjoy the toys you select to the fullest extent.

It’s our job to think about these things and other possible situations to keep our furry friends sake and happy.


In selecting the perfect toy for your dog remember to think of them, and what do they want in a toy? You should know your pet better than anyone else, so trust your own judgment.

Playtime is about just that play. Your pet wants your attention and love more than any toy so don’t forget to include plenty of good pets when you and your four-legged friend are playing.

The loyalty of your dog will never cease to amaze you, and that loyalty deserves your attention and time, and a good toy to boot.

Chew Toys for Dogs

We are investing more money than ever into our pets to help enrich their lives, and this includes spending money on new toys and gadgets to keep them entertained.

This can include other people helping us care for our pets, but this can lend itself to the needing of some rules being used regarding your pets toys.

It can save time, money and grief if everyone responsible for the care of your pups on the same page.

Make sure to always keep an eye on your pup with a new toy. They can quickly destroy cheap toys and may swallow small pieces. Parental supervision should always be used when your pup is trying out any new toy.

Read any instructions that may come with any new toys. Periodically inspect your dog’s toys for defects and wear, and always keep your pets as safe as you can. They rely on you so do your best not to let them down.


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