Best Retractable Dog Leashes 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Lovely walks with their owners are among a dog’s favorite activities. In most cases, however, dogs should not walk without a leash for safety reasons. If your dog roams free, they could accidentally get into something they shouldn’t or they could get hurt. A leash allows you to control your pup and keep them safe.

There are a couple of types of leashes, but in this article, we will focus on retractable ones. Retractable leashes give owners control over the leash’s length. Keep your dog close at hand or allow them to explore their surroundings!

Best Retractable Dog Leash

8 Best Retractable Dog Leashes 2020

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1. Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash by Hertzko

Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash by Hertzko Review

This attractive, sturdy, and comfortable retractable leash works great for any kind of jaunt with your dog, whether you’re strolling along your sidewalk, hiking in the woods, or playing in a dog park. The extra long and durable nylon ribbon measures 16 feet and will last for years!

The Hertzko dog leash features an easy lock-and-brake button that gives you complete control over the leash length. Simply press the button to momentarily lock the leash or slide it forward to lock it at a specific length. Then release the brake to allow your dog to walk at his leisure or to retract it.

This leash also features an anti-slip comfort grip. You’ll be able to comfortably walk your dog, even if he’s a larger breed! The Hertzko leash is suitable for dogs up to 110 lbs.

Despite its excellent features, this leash is not meant for dogs heavier than 110 lbs. If your dog happens to weigh more than that, you’ll want to look for another leash.

There are a few other issues some might find. The comfort grip might be small to some, and be careful if your dog loves to chew. The nylon leash itself could be a temptation for your dog to gnaw on.


  • Easy lock-and-brake button
  • Extra long 16-foot range
  • Suitable for dogs up to 110 lbs.
  • Reasonably-priced


  • Not suited for extremely large breeds
  • Some dogs might chew through the nylon leash
  • Comfort grip might be too small for some

2. Flexi New Neon Retractable Tape Dog Leash

Flexi New Neon Retractable Tape Dog Leash Review

If you’re looking for a highly-recommended retractable leash from a company serious about pet and user safety, look no further than the Flexi New Neon Retractable Tape Dog Leash. If you’re concerned about walking your dog in low-light environments, this leash will give you peace of mind.

The Flexi leash is made with neon-colored tape and comes with a reflective sticker and other components. This ensures that your dog is visible even where there’s little light. According to the manufacturer, you should be visible at almost 500 feet away.

You can also purchase a multi-box storage system that allows you to store treats and dog bags. These features along with the quick-brake button make this leash a great and valuable purchase.

Although made with premium, high quality materials, some might find the handholds in a few sizes too small, especially if they have larger hands.

The reflective tape might also tear easily, especially if snags on a bush or if your dog chews on it.


  • High visibility in low-light situations
  • Optional multi-box storage for treats and waste bags
  • Made with quality, premium materials
  • Quick-brake system for easy locking and retraction


  • Reflective tapes might tear easily
  • Handholds might be small for those with larger hands

3. TaoTronics Retractable Tangle-Free Dog Leash

TaoTronics Retractable Tangle-Free Dog Leash Review

The TaoTronics Retractable Tangle-Free dog leash is an excellent choice. The ABS plastic construction of the leash casing with a comfort grip and an anti-slip handle make it a comfortable and sturdy leash for you to use.

This retractable leash is suited for most large dog breeds up to 110 lbs. So you should be able to take almost any pup out on a walk! The leash measures in at 16 feet so you have plenty of length to keep your dog close by or allow him some freedom to move.

An added benefit of this leash is that it comes with a free roll of plastic bags in a cute bone-shaped holder to pick up any messes your canine companion might make.

Lastly, this dog leash features a simple, easy-to-use braking, release, and recoiling mechanism that allows you to use the leash with one hand!

Although a highly-rated product, like other leashes in this list, the handle might be too small for owners with larger hands or if you are using gloves with it.

Some other issues could include the braking mechanism sometimes sticks and a dog could easily chew through the thin leash. Some others have said that the leash clip is small and might not work well in tandem with a harness with two D-rings for attachment.


  • Great for large dogs up to 110 lbs.
  • Comes with a free roll of plastic waste bags
  • Made of plastic for added durability
  • Simple-to-use braking, release, and recoiling mechanism


  • Small clip might not work with larger dogs
  • Thin leash is easily chewed through
  • Handle might be too small for those with large hands

4. Retractable Dog Leash with Bright Flashlight

Retractable Dog Leash with Bright Flashlight Review

If you’re looking for a retractable leash that lights your way at night when walking your pup, look no further than this option from Sammi’s Choice. Equipped with a 9 LED detachable flashlight and a reflective belt, you’ll have no trouble seeing and being seen with this leash!

This leash features a one-button break-and-lock button so you can easily control the length of the leash as you walk. The ergonomic handle also comes with a non-slip grip to ensure you can hold onto your dog at all times, even if they pull!

An added benefit is the stainless steel internal coil mechanism. It allows for smooth, no jam retraction so you don’t have to worry about the leash malfunctioning.

The leash also comes with a waste bag holder.

One downside to this leash is its weight. It’s a little heavier than other leashes in this list even though it’s not designed for larger dogs.

Some have noted that this leash isn’t meant for dogs who enjoy pulling. On the other hand, if you couple this with a harness that helps prevent pulling, then this might alleviate the problem.


  • Strong, durable build
  • Detachable flashlight and reflective strip for enhanced visibility
  • Stainless steel internal coil for no-jam operation
  • Non-slip grip


  • Not meant for large dogs
  • Heavy
  • Not meant for dogs who pull

5. Dial-A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash

Dial-A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash Review

The Dial-A-Distance retractable dog leash offers a key difference from other leashes in this list: it allows owners to set a specific length for the leash. Most of the time you’re visually adjusting the distance, but with this leash, you can set a predetermined length instead.

You can adjust the length of the leash from 0 – 15 feet. All you need to do is turn the dial! A benefit of this dial is that it lessens the chance of your dog tangling the leash. If you find a length you’re comfortable with, you’re able to keep it that length without guessing!

The predetermined range serves as the maximum length – your dog is still free to move around up to that length. The leash still retracts or lengthens as needed. The leash also includes a manual stop if you need to momentarily stop your dog.

This leash has been tested at a pulling force of 275 lbs. You can be sure that if your dog pulls, he won’t break the leash’s tape.

Unfortunately, despite the pulling force test, this leash is not designed for large dogs. The maximum recommended weight is 75 lbs.

Lastly, this leash is somewhat heavier than other ones which can be tough if you’re walking a small dog.


  • Uses a dial to set a specific maximum leash length
  • Lessens the chance of your dog tangling the leash
  • Durable, comfortable to use
  • Perfect for small and medium dogs
  • Useful for dogs who pull


  • Heavy
  • Not designed for large dogs

6. Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash

Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash Review

Flexi, one of the preeminent dog leash brands, doesn’t fail to deliver another excellent product with its Explore retractable dog leash. This leash is perfect if you’re looking for a leash with a longer length than the average 15-16 feet range.

The Explore leash extends up to 26 feet, excellent for long jaunts in a dog park or in your backyard. Although a relatively plain leash, this still supports dog breeds up to 110 lbs. Your dog will be able to run just a little further with the extended length of the leash!

You can also customize this leash with either a multi-box or LED lighting, depending on your preference. It also features an ergonomic handle and brake button for enhanced control over the leash length.

Unfortunately the thin belt of this leash wears and tears easily, especially as a result of chewing. Almost any dog who chews could easily make quick work of this leash. Also, sometimes the belt gets stuck so you’re not able to always stop your dog.

As is the case with other leashes, some might find the handle too small. Lastly, you’re not able to attach (or easily attach) a dog waste bag container to the leash without an additional purchase.


  • Extends up to 26 feet
  • Designed for dogs weighing up to 110 lbs.
  • Can accessorize with either a multi-box or LED lighting


  • Belt isn’t chew-proof
  • Handle might be too small for some

7. PETerials Retractable Dog Leash

PETerials Retractable Dog Leash Review

We love this retractable dog leash for its value! Not only do you receive the retractable leash, it also comes with a collapsible water bowl and a waste bag dispenser, all for an extremely budget-friendly price!

Like other leashes in this list, the PETerials leash is designed for dogs up to 110 lbs. and comes in three sizes. The leash extends up to 16.4 feet, perfect for just about any walk or exercise. Even better, most have said the leash hasn’t tangled up either themselves or their dogs.

The manufacturer has ensured the nylon belt is weatherproof so a little drizzle or snow won’t harm the leash. It’s also tear-resistant! It most likely won’t hold up to a canine’s canines, but you can be sure you’re getting a solid, durable leash.

Although it’s rated for dogs up to 110 lbs., it still most likely doesn’t work well with dogs who pull. This can even occur when the leash is locked. So it’s helpful to try out the leash indoors or in a fenced area to see how the leash handles.

Also, sometimes the button slides easily or comes off with use.


  • Great budget-friendly option, comes with additional accessories
  • Tear-resistant and weatherproof nylon belt
  • Rubberized grip provides comfort and enhanced handle grip


  • Not designed for dogs who pull
  • Sometimes the brake button slides too easily or comes off

8. WIGZI Dual Doggie 2 Dog Retractable Leash

WIGZI Dual Doggie 2 Dog Retractable Leash Review

If you have more than one dog, this leash is meant for you! The WIGZI Dual Doggie retractable leash enables you to walk two pooches at once! Of course, the leash is meant for two 50-lb dogs. Otherwise, you might end up getting pulled along like you’re a musher in the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska!

This attractive leash comes with two 10-foot long leashes that allow you to walk two dogs simultaneously. Both leads are reflective so they work well in low-light environments such as in the woods or at dusk.

Lastly, the leash offers full 360-degree rotation so there’s a lessened chance of your hand getting twisted as your dogs move about.

Some have said the spinning mechanism doesn’t work as smoothly as they’d like. This can not only make walks more difficult but overall less enjoyable.

Also, some might find the 10-foot individual leash length too short for their dogs. If this is the case, you might want to consider purchasing two separate leashes.


  • Allows you to walk two dogs simultaneously
  • Both leads are reflective
  • Full 360-degree rotation for more free movement


  • Leash spool might not rotate as smoothly as desired
  • 10-foot length leash might prove too short for some owners

The Benefits of Retractable Dog Leashes

Retractable dog leashes offer a number of benefits. First of all, they offer a dog more freedom, provided they walk calmly alongside of you or don’t pull too much. Walking active, high-energy dogs who pull can prove daunting even without a retractable leash. Retractable leashes don’t offer much prevention against dogs who pull.

They also help with dogs who consistently tangle their leashes. By adjusting the leash length, you can keep slack to a relative minimum.

Lastly, retractable leashes are useful for active dogs who love to sniff and explore. Retractable leashes offer your dog more room to do their business, smell the next bush, or play in the grass without you needing to loom over them like a giant human sentinel!

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you’re considering purchasing a retractable leash, you should keep some of the following in mind:

1. Lead length

Most retractable leashes possess leads of around 15-16 feet in length. Some are shorter, some are longer.

If you’re looking to walk multiple dogs, you’ll want to find a solution with shorter leads – otherwise you might try to control two dogs with varying exploratory needs and energy levels.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that you give your dog enough lead so he’s not constantly trodding on your heels.

2. Reflective strips or materials or a flashlight

If you walk your dog at night or in low-lit conditions, consider purchasing a leash with reflective devices or a flashlight. A good number of leashes in our list include reflective strips on the lead or the handle. These allow you be seen quite easily!

Some leashes also come with a flashlight. This way, you can see where you’re going at night. You’ll be able to keep both you and your dog safe.

3. Comfortable, no-slip grip

A number of leashes come with comfortable, non-slip grips. These ensure that the leash doesn’t slip out of your hand if your dog becomes excited and takes off. You also won’t have to worry about leash rashes or bruises!

Keep in mind, however, that a common complaint among retractable leashes is that the handle holes are too small. If you have large hands, you might find yourself looking for a leash with large grips.

4. Simultaneous dog-walking capability

If you have multiple dogs, consider purchasing a lease that enables you to walk two dogs at once! The leads tend to be shorter, but it might be worth it so you don’t have to manage two individual leashes at once.

5. Your dog’s weight

Most manufacturers design leashes with specific weight ranges in mind. If you have a dog who weighs 100 lbs., find a leash that supports that weight. Otherwise, your dog might be too strong for the leash and possibly even break the leash.

Retractable Leash FAQs

1. Should I purchase a retractable leash?

It’s ultimately your decision! Retractable leashes provide many benefits, but there are also some drawbacks.For instance, retractable leashes should not be used as a training device.

Retractable leashes should be used by dogs who walk well with their owners. Dogs who pull or otherwise act unwieldy on leashes might make things even more difficult on a retractable leash since you have even less control over them.

Secondly, if you live in a busy, congested area, you might consider getting a more stable leash. In busy areas, your free-roaming dog might run into some trouble or someone without you necessarily being able to control or keep an eye on your dog.

2. What are some features I should look for in a retractable leash?

Consider getting a leash with high visibility or reflective features. This will make you and your dog more visible in dim surroundings. Or, if your dog happens to take off, you can hopefully find them a little easier too. Comfortable, no-slip grips will help you maintain your hold on a leash, even if your dog pulls you along for a run.

Finally, make sure your leash offers a brake button so you can manually stop your dog if needed.

3. How much should I spend on a leash?

Most leashes run under $50. It’s worth, however, purchasing a more expensive leash if it fits within your budget. These are often made with high quality, premium materials over cheaper options.


Retractable leashes can be an owner’s best friend. Coupled with a harness, they can help you enjoy your walks with your dog instead of worrying if they will run away. You and your dog can remain safe, even in busy environments and situations.

Retractable leashes come in a wide range of lead lengths with a variety of features including reflectivity, flashlights, multi-box options, and dog waste bag containers. They’re highly worth considering if you want your dog to roam a little more when you’re walking with him.

We have listed some of our favorite retractable leashes. We’ve tried to include a little bit of everything from those with unique features such as a dial to control the length and a flashlight to those with pretty standard features. We’re sure you’ll find something you like!


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